Character Dialogue
C-pleakley YOU!!! YOU built that giant robot, didn't you?!
C-jumba Hah! Nice to see you today, too... and yes, I built this robot! This is a surprise, now?
C-pleakley Surprise?! Of all the... I've just about HAD it with your experiments going haywire!
C-pleakley "This is completely safe, Pleakley!" "Of COURSE that sentient fungus doesn't eat Plorgonarians, Pleakley!" And EVERY TIME--
C-jumba Oy. I should make myself comfortable... this might take a while.

... And Another Thing!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 6
Send Jumba and Pleakley to air their grievances.
"Air Their Grievances"
8h Xp5, M-magic50
Level 8
Character Dialogue
C-pleakley ... And Don't try to tell me that the genetically modified Turonian fruit bat wasn't making eyes at me, because I KNOW BETTER!
C-jumba ... Okay. Are you finished?
C-pleakley *gasp* ... *pant* ... I... *wheeze* ... ... ... I THINK SO!
C-jumba What a coincidence! I think this, too.
C-jumba You have to let the little one-eyed one tucker himself out when he gets like that. It works!


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