Character Dialogue
C-sina-moana Tui... Don't panic, but I heard a scuffling sound from under the meeting house just now.
C-sina-moana If one of the Kakamora found their way into your mother's things...
C-chief tui-moana No... The tapestries -- all of our people's history -- could be lost forever! We have to put a stop to that, Sina!

... And STAY Out!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Sina and Tui to stop the Homecoming invader! *
"Stop the Home Invader"
6h M-xp5, Update-29-m-currency50
C-chief tui-moana
Level 4

* Requires A Homecoming Celebration

Character Dialogue
C-chief tui-moana What is this...? Nothing more than a few half-eaten taro roots... If a Kakamora WAS here, it's long gone.
C-chief tui-moana If nothing else, now we know that Kakamora eat taro instead of tapestries...
C-sina-moana If this was a Kakamora at all... and I'm starting to wonder.
C-sina-moana You focus on distracting the Kakamora on the ship, Tui. I have an idea I want to follow...


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