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Hotfix Update


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Hotfix Update

The Halloween content has been removed, with the exception of Tower of Terror and Haunted Mansion, which are still available in the Shop and Enchanted Chests. Don’t worry, The Nightmare Before Christmas characters may be coming back in the future...

Game Balances & Changes

Halloween decorations have been removed from the Enchanted Chests and replaced by some of the old decorations (Hanging Lantern, Mining Jewels Display and Fun Fire Hydrant) and some new Tokens (Bo Peep Ears Hat, Flynn Satchel, Flora’s Hat, Zurg Ears Hat, Donald Ears Hat and Mother Gothel Ears Hat). We’ve also tweaked the drop rates to ensure more variety in the rewards.

You can also continue to work on unlocking costumes for Daisy, Donald, and Minnie! We’ve added more character activities to help out with these awesome creations, so have fun!

Bug Fixes

  • Overall bug fixes and optimizations.


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