2nd Anniversary Game Show

2nd March 2018

2nd Anniversary Game Show

The 2nd Anniversary Game Show was a livestream trivia game on 2nd March 2018.

Players could answer questions to win fantastic prizes in the DMK 2nd Anniversary Game Show Contest and DMK 2nd Anniversary Game Show Sweepstakes.

Questions & Answers

Question Answer
1. How many characters are in the Kingdom? 112
2. In the game, which character does Goofy like to high five? Mickey
3. Which animated film was featured in the 12th update? The Lion King
4. In the game, which character enjoys "Flipping Flapjacks"? Daisy
5. If I wanted to "Get Dizzy", which Attraction should I visit? Mickey's Fun Wheel
6. How many characters are currently included in the Toy Story Collection? 10
7. In the game, where would I go if I wanted to "Toss Dough"? Pizza Planet
8. What are the four levels of Happiness within Disney Magic Kingdoms? Content, Cheerful, Joyous, Ecstatic
9. In game, how many flags are flying on the Castle? 11
10. In the game, which character can be sent to "Rustle Some Grub"? Jessie


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