Character Dialogue
C-baloo-main Look, kid -- if we're gonna argue about whether or not you're headin' back home, could we at least do THAT somewhere safe?
C-mowgli-main I guess, Baloo... but where would we go?
C-baloo-main Yeah, uh... I'm workin' on that, kid. I'm workin' on that!

A Bear Necessity

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-kingdom-main Build Baloo's Oasis. * 12h M-xp50, M-magic400

* Requires Baloo Level 2 and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Character Dialogue
C-baloo-main Yeah... yeah! THIS place'll just about do it!
C-baloo-main Plenty of fruit for eatin', a nice rock for scratchin' -- it's even got one o' those human-style... uh... sleepy-hangy things!
C-mowgli-main I think it's called a "hammock," Baloo.
C-baloo-main Kid, so long as I can take a nap in it, I don't care WHAT it's called.
C-baloo-main ... Hope it'll fit me, though. I'm an awful lotta bear!


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