Character Dialogue
C-jasmine I've loved birds, ever since I was a little girl. We have lots of them in the palace menagerie.
C-jasmine Before I could leave the palace, I would often set them free. I knew I had to stay within the palace walls...
C-jasmine ...But I didn't think they should be caged up, too. Now that I can leave whenever I like, I visit animals all over Agrabah.
C-jasmine I've been nursing a bird back to health for a few days now. I brought him here with me just to make sure he's all right.

A Bird in the Hand

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Jasmine to her bird, at the Lotus Fountain. *
"Visit the Birds"
60m M-xp5, Update-13-m-currency50

* Requires The Lotus Fountain

Character Dialogue
C-jasmine Poor little thing... He can't quite fly yet, but someday soon...
C-jasmine I guess he IS a little bit like me. I never thought I could fly, either... until I met someone with a magic carpet!
C-jasmine Hmm... I think I'll ask Aladdin if he wants to go for a ride tonight. Maybe over the Kingdom...


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