Character Dialogue
C-mickey mouse-aladdin With all this sand blowing around, it's really hard to see. Gosh, I gotta make sure everybody in the Kingdom is safe!
C-mickey mouse-aladdin Maybe if I get up high enough, I can check on folks from the air...

A Change in Altitude (2)

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mickey mouse-aladdin
Level ?
Send Mickey above the sandstorm on the Fun Wheel. *
"Look Over the Storm"
12h M-xp5, Update-13-m-currency50

* Requires Mickey's Fun Wheel

Character Dialogue
C-mickey mouse-aladdin Well, I found out what's above all the sand...
C-mickey mouse-aladdin ...More sand!
C-mickey mouse-aladdin Looks like we'll just have to clean out those sand whirls from down here.


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