Character Dialogue
C-zero Arf! Arf!
C-sally Oh, hello, Zero! Are you on your way to the graveyard?
C-sally I suppose it would make sense... I'm sure there are all sorts of tasty bones there!
C-zero Arf!

A Grave Situation

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level ?
Send Zero to explore the Graveyard. *
"Graveyard Exploration"
12h Xp5, Update-5-m-currency50

* Requires Broomstick Graveyard

Character Dialogue
C-sally Oh, Zero... I just spoke with a rather earnest zombie family from the south mausoleum...
C-sally They're not MAD, exactly... but maybe you could give them their rib cages back once you're done with them?
C-zero Arf! Arf arf arf!


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