Character Dialogue
C-goofy Hmm... I gotta find a way to help Mickey out. I know... I'll grab my trusty hammer and make stuff.
C-goofy After all, the Kingdom doesn't have an official handyman.

A Handy Man

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Goofy to look at the Fun Wheel. *
"Look at the Fun Wheel"
10s M-xp5, M-magic50

* Requires Mickey's Fun Wheel

Character Dialogue
C-goofy So, what do ya say, Mick? Do I get the job? Am I the official Kingdom Handyman?
C-mickey mouse Gosh Goof, we've never had an official handyman before.
C-goofy Oh, well... That's all r--
C-mickey mouse Until now! Congratulations, pal!
C-goofy Gawrsh, now that it's official, I think I'll build a place to store my sandwiches!


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