Character Dialogue
C-jessie-main Yee-haa! Woody -- did ya hear the news?! BULLSEYE'S BA--!
C-woody-main "What say you, fair maiden? Wouldst thou aid me in expunging Baron von Bratwurst's Cacophonic Curse from these fair lands?"
C-jessie-main Huh?!
C-woody-main (Just go with it, Jessie! I'm in the middle of a DYNAMITE playtime session here, and I need your help for the finale!)

A Knight in Kneed

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 7
Send "Sir Woody" and "Lady Jessie" to the Toy Barn. *
"To the Barn!"
6h Xp25, M-magic200
Level 8

* Requires Al's Toy Barn

Character Dialogue
C-woody-main "So you see, Lady Jessie, I suspect that the secret to dispersing this foul Curse lies within yon MYSTERIOUS DESERT!"
C-jessie-main "Sweet mother of... um... of Charlemagne! Whateverest dost thou... uh... mean... est?"
C-woody-main (That's the spirit, Jessie! You're gettin' the hang of it.)
C-woody-main Ahem... "Verily, Lady Jessie -- merely bide a while, and I shall explain forthwith!"


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