Character Dialogue
C-charlotte la bouff Goodness gracious... LOOK at all the royalty we've got visiting this season! Maybe the evening star's finally shining my way...
C-charlotte la bouff I'm talking about princes, of course! Naveen's little brother is sweet and all... but I'm not THAT patient.
C-charlotte la bouff And if there's an eligible bachelor with a title out there in that crowd, I am NOT gonna let him get away!
C-charlotte la bouff I've just gotta read up on who I'll be dealing with, first... Society pages, don't fail me now!

A Modest Proposal?

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-charlotte la bouff
Level 1
Send Charlotte to read up on promising princes.
"Read Up on Princes"
2h M-xp5, Update-27-m-currency100
Character Dialogue
C-charlotte la bouff Cheese and crackers... Well, one thing's for sure: That's the LAST time I believe the gossip columns.
C-charlotte la bouff There I was, reading this GLOWING profile of this thirteenth son of a whoever, getting all excited to make a move on him...
C-charlotte la bouff ...when who should pull me aside but his JILTED FIANCÉE! Said he was nothing but a no-account bum running a confidence game!
C-charlotte la bouff Why, I just about bought the first drink I could find so I could throw it in his face on principle...
C-charlotte la bouff Princes are all well and good, but NOTHING excuses deceiving an innocent woman! I should know...


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