Character Dialogue
C-chief tui-fn You know, Pua, pigs have their place in the New Year's celebration, too!
C-chief tui-fn On some of our islands, each village will gather offerings of food -- and the place is marked by a carved wooden pig.
C-pua-fn Oink?!
C-chief tui-fn Haha! Yes, that's right! It's called a "pua'a" -- just like you!
C-pua-fn Oink oink oink oink!
C-chief tui-fn ... And off he goes again. If he could understand me at all, I think he stopped listening after I said "food..."

A Pig's Part to Play

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Pua to do some sniffing around.
"Do Some Sniffing Around"
2h Xp10, Update-32-m-currency75
Character Dialogue
C-maui-fn Porkchop! How's it going, buddy? You enjoying all the extra attention?
C-pua-fn Oink!!!
C-maui-fn Yeah, I heard about the whole "unofficial New Year's" thing, too. It's really drawing a crowd! And "crowds" mean "fans..."
C-maui-fn ... And THAT means Maui's gonna go mingle! You keep on doing you, buddy -- but do me a solid and don't eat any offerings, okay?
C-pua-fn Oink...
C-maui-fn Hey, don't blame me -- that stuff is sacred! I gotta look out for my brothers and sisters in the pantheon, you know?
C-pua-fn Oink oink!


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