Character Dialogue
C-hades-hercules ... FINALLY. You have no idea how much I've been itching for this moment! I am gonna humiliate you in ways you never--
C-meg-hercules Ha! Nice try, imp, but we're not gonna fall for that old routine. We've known you're not the REAL Hades for ages!
C-hades-hercules Say what, now...? Okay, FIRST, butt out. This is between me and Muscleboy. Second-- It's me! Hades! Check out the hair!
C-meg-hercules Hardly. We know who you are, and how long you've been impersonating the old pilot light, and we've got receipts!
C-meg-hercules Trying to run a stealth takeover of the Underworld while the real Hades is away? Nice plan... shame it's over.
C-hades-hercules (Wait -- someone's trying to steal my turf on the sly?! AND they're so good they had Wonderbreath and his crew fooled? NO...)
C-hades-hercules Ah... Change of plans, my little Nutmeg: YOU tell me EXACTLY who's been stealing my act, and MAYBE I'll let you all live!

A Plan Comes Together

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-hades-hercules Send characters to fast-talk the REAL Hades!
Various Xp5, Update-41-m-currency50

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 6
Send Phil to back Meg up! 4h Xp13, Update-41-m-currency30
Level 6
Fast-Talk the REAL Hades! 4h Xp13, Update-41-m-currency30
Level 1
Send Pegasus to back Meg up! 4h Xp13, Update-41-m-currency30
Level 2
Send Hercules to back Meg up! 4h Xp13, Update-41-m-currency30
Level 4
Send Pain to stay out of the way... 4h Xp13, Update-41-m-currency30
Level 1
Send Panic to stay out of the way... 4h Xp13, Update-41-m-currency30

Character Dialogue
C-hades-hercules ... Come ON! Is it Hecate? It's Hecate, Isn't it? That tree-loving freak has ALWAYS had it out for me--
C-meg-hercules Nice act, Slick, but like I keep telling you, I'll only negotiate with the REAL Hades. And I'm not convinced you're him.
C-meg-hercules Now, if there were some way you could PROVE it -- like, say, pitching me one of those ironclad, magical, unbreakable deals...
C-hades-hercules FINE. Sure. Whatever. You tell me who's been trying to take over the Underworld using MY face--
C-meg-hercules And YOU promise not to hurt me or my friends as long as we stay in this Kingdom. Deal?
C-hades-hercules GrrrrRRRRRR-- Well, I can always bump you idiots off the next time you cross the border, so... FINE. Deal. Who is it?
C-meg-hercules Pain and Panic. And if Pain hadn't forgot about his tail, they'd have pulled it off. Pleasure doing business with you, Hades.
C-hades-hercules ... WHAT?!!!


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