Character Dialogue
C-shere khan As tiresome as I find him, Kaa DOES keep his eyes peeled for newsworthy events around the jungle...
C-shere khan ... When he's not using them for that preposterous hypnotism business, at any rate.
C-shere khan I wonder if he has any information on the man-cub...

A Pleasant Discussssssion

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-shere khan
Level 5
Send Shere Khan to visit Kaa's Jungle Gym. *
"Visit Kaa"
12h M-xp25, M-magic200

* Requires Kaa's Jungle Gym

Character Dialogue
C-shere khan Hm. I suppose I shouldn't have bothered.
C-shere khan ... Though I admit: Even though he refused to answer me, it WAS a rather satisfying exchange in one sense.
C-shere khan One always appreciates the chance to practice one's knot-tying, after all.
C-shere khan I imagine it will be quite some time before he untangles himself.


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