A Watched Doc is where The Tower Challenge Chapter 3 begins....

Character Dialogue
C-maleficent Impossible! How could I have...?!
C-maleficent ... No matter. We shall see how they fare against all the powers of the underworld!!!
C-merlin Blow me to Bermuda... What a performance! At this rate, we'll have swept away this new Curse in no time!

Character Dialogue
C-maleficent Yes... all according to plan. My new Curse is almost complete... and more powerful than ever!
C-merlin Now, now... don’t lose hope! It’s always darkest before the dawn, you know... So long as we keep believing in the Kingdoms!

Character Dialogue
C-doc-ttc Ohh, no... There's a weevil -- uh, I mean, an evil glow out there in the distance again! Just like there was before...
C-doc-ttc I've got used to bein' brave when that happens -- for the Princess. And to set a good example for my men, too!
C-doc-ttc But it sure would be nice to have a little kelp when I'm lookin' out for manger... I mean... uh... help and danger.

A Watched Doc

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Doc to keep a lookout for danger.
"Keep a Lookout"
4h T-refresh1, M-magic10, Update-20-m-currency300
Character Dialogue
C-doc-ttc Phew! Well, I ain't seen pride nor pear of the Evil Queen in all that lookin' out...
C-doc-ttc ... Which is good, because my looks are tired from all that eyein'!
C-doc-ttc Uh, I mean... my EYES, and LOOKIN', and... uh... Well, either way 'round!
C-doc-ttc I wear these spectacles for a reason, ya know...


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