Character Dialogue
C-peter pan How old am I? Aw, I don't know. But, one thing's for sure. I'll never grow up! No one in Never Land ever gets older.
C-peter pan How come? Well... I guess I never really thought about it before.
C-peter pan I guess it's all the playing games, and making mud pies, and climbing trees... oh, and hunting for treasure, too!
C-peter pan I almost forget the MOST important thing: making funny faces! You can't stay young if you don't make LOTS of funny faces.

Ahh, Youth

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-peter pan
Level 4
Send Peter Pan to practice making funny face.
"Practice Funny Faces"
4h Xp25, M-magic200
Character Dialogue
C-peter pan HAAA! Did you see that last one? It looks just like that old crocodile, doesn't it?
C-peter pan I made that face for Hook once, and it just about scared him out of his silly little buckled shoes!
C-peter pan Beating Hook in a fight's a good way to stay young, too. 'Course, I'm about the only one who does it!


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