Character Dialogue
C-chief tui It never fails... We've just barely finished the meeting house here, and already the council needs me to help them mediate.
C-chief tui Whenever we settle a new place like this, deciding which clan is responsible for which land can be... challenging.
C-chief tui I'd compare it to a big family trying to decide who gets the last piece of pork at a feast... only with better headdresses.
C-chief tui All that said, I do love the work. We've been a peaceful people for generations -- and I'm glad I can help keep it that way!

All Politics Is Local

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-chief tui
Level 4
Send Tui to meet with the council at Homecoming. *
"Meet at Homecoming"
4h M-xp5, Update-29-m-currency50

* Requires A Homecoming Celebration

Character Dialogue
C-chief tui Well, that was easier than usual... Just one of the newer council members suffering from a minor case of "swelled head."
C-chief tui He spent quite a bit of time bragging about how he could trace his family line all the way back to Matai Vasa...
C-chief tui ...without knowing that a full quarter of the council could do the same. Including me!
C-chief tui You'd think he'd have paid more attention to his genealogy chants...
C-chief tui Well, he's young yet. Plenty of time to grow into the role!


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