Character Dialogue
C-goofy As official Kingdom Handyman, I want everything in the Kingdom to look great!
C-goofy But how can anybody tell if it looks good if they can't see through the gloominess?!

All Sorts of Handy, Pt. 1

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 2
Study Lights. *
"Study Lights"
30s Xp5, M-magic50
Adjust the Lights.
"Adjust the Lights"

* Requires Goofy's Playhouse

Character Dialogue
C-mickey mouse Goofy -- why is the Kingdom so bright? I can barely see!
C-goofy You're welcome, Mickey!
C-goofy This handyman stuff sure is fun!
Character Dialogue
C-mickey mouse Hey Goofy, as our official handyman, could you help me with something?
C-mickey mouse Some of my lights are flickering at home... Think you could take a look?
C-goofy You got it, pal. After I'm through with 'em, they'll be as good as new!
C-goofy All they need is a little encouragement!
C-mickey mouse Huh? Well, I can't wait to see how this works out...

All Sorts of Handy, Pt. 2

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Goofy to fix lightbulbs for Mickey. *
"Fix Lightbulbs for Mickey"
6h Xp10, M-magic75

* Requires Mickey's House

Character Dialogue
C-goofy *Cough, hack, cough*
C-mickey mouse Goofy! Are you all right?
C-goofy Yep. I'm okay.
C-goofy But those lightbulbs should learn how to take constructive criticism.
C-goofy Seems to me even lightbulbs deserve a second chance!


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