Character Dialogue
C-prince naveen-tpatf All right: I have made my excuses to Madame Eudora, and I am off to ask Mama Odie for advice! At least this is a plan.
C-prince naveen-tpatf Lucky for me, there is only one blind Voodoo lady who lives in a boat in a tree in the bayou... so she will not be hard to find.

All the Way There!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-kingdom-tpatf Build Goin' Down the Bayou. * 8h M-xp5, Update-27-m-currency50

* Requires Mama Odie Level 2

Character Dialogue
C-prince naveen-tpatf *sigh* ... As it turns out, the blind Voodoo lady's boat in the tree in the bayou is... not where I thought it was. At this rate--
C-mama odie-tpatf BOO!
C-prince naveen-tpatf YIPE! Mama Odie-- What IS it with women sneaking up on me today?! Did someone pin a sign to my back?
C-mama odie-tpatf Hahahaaaa! I'm just messin' wit'cha, Froggy! Now: C'mere and give us a little sugar.
C-prince naveen-tpatf *sigh* ... Okay... okay! If I am honest, I don't know what else I expected.


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