Amateur Meteorology is where the The Tower Challenge (Beauty and the Beast) Event 2019 begins....

Character Dialogue
C-merlin Can you feel it...? The Kingdom's magic... it's changing somehow! As if everything has been knocked off-kilter...
C-merlin I've cast spell after spell in hopes of fixing it -- but they're not having nearly as much of an effect as I'd like...
C-merlin This doesn't bode well at all... not one little bit!
C-maleficent Hahaha... HahahaHAAAA!!!
C-maleficent Insolent fools... Up until now, my Curses may have been thwarted... but no longer!!! For THIS spell... is different than the others.
C-maleficent THIS Curse will steal away the dreams of everyone in the Kingdom... transforming it into the Place Where Nightmares Come True!!!
Character Dialogue
C-hiro-ttc Got a weird request in on the Big Hero 6 forum yesterday... (And yeah, we have a forum now. Gotta keep in touch with the fans!)
C-hiro-ttc Anyway -- something about how the weather is weird, and can we check it out?
C-hiro-ttc So... either we're being pranked, or News Channel 7 wants us to do their job for them. Or this is actually a thing!
C-hiro-ttc On the other hand... I REALLY don't have much hero stuff to do today. So I might as well check it out!

Amateur Meteorology

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Hiro to investigate the "weird weather."
"Investigate the Weather"
2h T-refresh1, Update-20-m-currency200
Character Dialogue
C-hiro-ttc Ooookay... So, seeing those lights in the sky... it looks like we're NOT actually being trolled.
C-hiro-ttc I mean... unless the Aurora Borealis decided to vacation in San Fransokyo somehow. Which... I don't think is possible?
C-hiro-ttc Arrrgh... I don't know! No matter what the fan forums say, I haven't studied ALL the sciences. I'm just one guy!
C-hiro-ttc (Though... uh... that fanfiction where I clone myself so I can start my own research university IS a weirdly fun read.)
C-hiro-ttc Uh... Anyway. In REAL life, when I've got an atmospheric chemistry question, I call someone else!


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