Character Dialogue
C-pocahontas-main I would like Grandmother Willow's advice, but it will just be nice to speak with her again.
C-pocahontas-main I like to tell her everything that happens in our village -- and she tells me the funny things that happen in the forest...
C-pocahontas-main Like the time a family of squirrels chased a woodpecker away for waking them up.

An Arboreal Discussion

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Pocahontas to speak with Grandmother Willow. *
"Ask for Advice"
2h Xp30, M-magic250

* Requires Grandmother Willow

Character Dialogue
C-pocahontas-main Interesting... Grandmother Willow said that she heard the people here are very fond of cute animals.
C-pocahontas-main Hmm... Maybe if I can find Meeko, he could help me meet them!
C-pocahontas-main After all, he is very cute.


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