An Ill Wind is where the The Tower Challenge (Nightmare Before Christmas) Event 2018 begins....
Character Dialogue
C-maleficent Years of plotting... Scheme after black-hearted scheme... And still, the Curse on this land is no stronger than before!
C-maleficent But if I cannot conquer this Kingdom on my own... Well. That is why I have called YOU here.
C-queen of hearts-ttc For a game of cards?! Splendid! Now: As Queen, I will deal first--
C-jafar-ttc Ahem... She means joining forces, "Your Majesty"... and I quite agree. If there's any way I can be of service to such a cause--
C-maleficent Honeyed words will avail you nothing, vizier. Your skills may be necessary... but I am well aware of your penchant for betrayal.
C-oogie boogie HAH! She means you're a low-down, no-account con man, Snake Eyes!
C-jafar-ttc How DARE you speak to me that way, you miserable--!
C-oogie boogie Don't you pay that sucker no mind, Witch-Girl -- you just let Oogie Boogie do his stuff! Halloween IS my holiday, after all!
C-maleficent Hmm... Very well. I leave this matter to you. But if you fail me... Well. You know the consequences.
Character Dialogue
C-merlin Can you feel it...? The Kingdom's magic... it's changing somehow! As if everything has been knocked off-kilter...
C-merlin I've cast spell after spell in hopes of fixing it -- but they're not having nearly as much of an effect as I'd like...
C-merlin This doesn't bode well at all... not one little bit!
C-maleficent Hahaha... HahahaHAAAA!!!
C-maleficent Insolent fools... Up until now, my Curses may have been thwarted... but no longer!!! For THIS spell... is different than the others.
C-maleficent THIS Curse will steal away the dreams of everyone in the Kingdom... transforming it into the Place Where Nightmares Come True!!!
Character Dialogue
C-sally-ttc There's something in the wind... I know it's almost Halloween, so I SHOULD be happy, but...
C-sally-ttc I feel a vision coming on... and it's not a good one.

An Ill Wind

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Sally to attend to the vision.
"Attend to the Vision"
2h T-refresh1, Update-20-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-sally-ttc A forest of thorns... a snake in the desert... and a severed head?
C-sally-ttc Strange... Normally that sort of vision would be a happy one, but... it seems wrong to me. Very wrong.
C-sally-ttc And... Wait... there's more to the vision than that. A swarm of crawly things... a shadow on the moon...
C-sally-ttc ... Oogie Boogie!
C-sally-ttc I have to warn Jack! My visions haven't been wrong yet...


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