Character Dialogue
C-aladdin-aladdin Everyone in the marketplace has been setting up for the festival lately...
C-aladdin-aladdin What kind of festival? Uh... Jasmine told me about this, once... It's all about this great ruler from a long time ago, I think.
C-aladdin-aladdin He was wise, and honest, and generous, and... um... wow. Kinda hard to live up to, I guess.
C-aladdin-aladdin ... I'm gonna go see if the merchants need a hand. That's what a GOOD future member of the royal family would do!

As Befits a Prince

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level ?
Send Aladdin to go help out.
"Help Out"
12h M-xp45, Update-18-m-currency250
Character Dialogue
C-aladdin-aladdin Um... Well, I don't know how helpful I was...
C-aladdin-aladdin ... But I DID spend all that time listening to an argument over who reserved the corner market stall first.
C-aladdin-aladdin SO... uh... I guess that's something?
C-aladdin-aladdin Wonder if the great rulers of the past had to spend that much time trying to get a word in edgewise...


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