Character Dialogue
C-prince eric Well, it's... (ahem)... it's a very nice flag, Ariel, but... You know what, we should talk about that later.
C-prince eric If you're looking for human things, though, I can get whatever you want from the castle! That's... literally all we have, there.
C-ariel-tpatf That's sweet of you, Eric, but I think Scuttle is looking for the kind of human stuff that ISN'T where you'd expect it.
C-ariel-tpatf Want to help me figure out what it is that I've already found, though? There are a few new things I haven't seen before!

Ask a Human!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Eric and Ariel to meet in Ariel's Grotto. *
"Meet in Ariel's Grotto"
4h M-xp30, Update-27-m-currency175
C-prince eric
Level 1

* Requires Ariel's Grotto

Character Dialogue
C-ariel-tpatf Okay: I found THIS shield and poking-stick near a little cottage in the forest... THIS neck-wrap outside a castle...
C-ariel-tpatf ...and THIS pair of gloves near a carriage shaped like a blowfish! Or maybe it was something ELSE big and round.
C-ariel-tpatf What's wrong, Eric? You look confused.
C-prince eric Yeah... Well, "surprised," really. Looking at their monograms... all three of these are from different princes! What are the odds...
C-prince eric How many princes could possibly be visiting this Kingdom at once? Should I be doing more diplomacy...?


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