An Attraction Enchantment Chest is a Mythical chest. It was introduced to the game with the DuckTales, Enchantments Update on 2nd July 2019.


It contains all Attraction Enchantment Tokens. However, the rewards are very high in quantity.

However, it can’t be found in the Kingdom. Players can buy this chest with Gems (Gems) or real money.

Attraction Enchantment Chests can also be obtained from Mini Events, Calendar Rewards, and Promotions.


  • Calendar Streak Rewards Players were awarded with a free Attraction Enchantment Chests on Day 59, 113, 157, 201, 245 & 290 from the Calendar Streak Rewards.

At The Opening

When you open this chest, you will receive:

Attraction Enchantment Chests Prizes

Enchanted Chest Rewards
Common Blueprint Token5/7/10 All Common Relic Token10/15/20
Uncommon Uncommon
Uncommon Blueprint Token5/7/10 All Uncommon Relic Token8/10/15
Rare Rare Rare
Rare Blueprint Token2/3/4 All Rare Relic Token4/6/8
Epic Epic Epic Epic
Epic Blueprint Token1
Only at 10% Special Chance:
Epic Epic Epic Epic
Epic Blueprint Token3
Ba-jet packs.png Ba-fantasia gardens and fairways.png Ba-hollywood tower of terror.png Ba-the haunted mansion.png Ba-fantasmic!.png Ba-reflections of china.png Ba-western arcade.png Ba-the money bin.png Ba-haunted mansion.png
Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary
Legendary Blueprint Token1
Ba-sea serpent swing.png Ba-splash mountain.png Ba-zootopia race track.png Ba-forest ice rink.png Ba-steamboat willie.png Ba-mad tea party.png


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