Character Dialogue
C-nemo-fn That reef is really big, so Crush and I decided to split up and each look at half of it.
C-nemo-fn I'll be okay on my own! My dad taught me how to be safe when I'm someplace new -- and Mr. Ray taught me all about reefs.
C-nemo-fn ... And I taught myself how to figure things out when I don't know what to do -- so that's three fish that believe in me!

Back in the Habitat

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Nemo to search the Seas. *
"Search the Seas"
4h Xp5, Update-32-m-currency50

* Requires The Seas with Nemo and Friends

Character Dialogue
C-nemo-fn Woohoooo! I did it! I found them! They were all hiding under that big flat coral over there!
C-nemo-fn It was my whole entire class! Pearl, and Tad, and Sheldon, and Jimmy, and Kathy, and...
C-nemo-fn ...and... oh. I guess my whole entire class except for ONE kid was there. I hope Crush can find him...
C-nemo-fn I told the others to stay here at the reef for now. They don't mind... It's like having recess all day!


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