Character Dialogue
C-chief bogo I apologize for all the skulking about, Hopps... It's just... if the squad knew I was a Gazelle fan, I wouldn't hear the end of it.
C-chief bogo I only told Clawhauser because he already knew... Though I see he hasn't exactly kept my schedule a secret.
C-judy hopps Awww. Well, I'm sorry for overreacting, Chief. How you spend your time off should be YOUR business!
C-chief bogo No need, Hopps. You saw something out of place, trusted your gut, and followed through. That's just good police work.
C-chief bogo Now: I need you and Wilde back in the field! Got a mammal downtown raving about some "Curse" or other -- and I expect ANSWERS!

Back to Work!!!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-judy hopps
Level 8
Send Judy to look over the case file.
"Look Over Case Files"
12h M-xp25, M-magic150
C-nick wilde
Level 8
Send Nick to interview witnesses.
"Interview Witnesses"
Character Dialogue
C-judy hopps Hmm... There may be more to these rumors than we thought, Nick. Looks like we'll be working this one for a while...
C-nick wilde Ahh, relax, Carrots! This is Hopps and Wilde you're talking about -- practically a dream team!
C-nick wilde You just wait. With us on the case? This whole "Curse" thing's as good as toast!
C-chief bogo Yeah... Yeah! Thanks, Nick -- I needed that!


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