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Character Dialogue
C-barley My little brother's got his wizard staff out again! You're TOTALLY practicing a new spell, aren't you?
C-ian Uh... Yeah, I am, Barley, but--
C-barley Wait -- no. Don't tell me. I bet I can guess it from your motions and phrasing. Try me!
C-ian O-Okay, but--

Backseat Wizarding

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 6
Send Ian & Barley to practice casting spells.
"Practice Casting Spells"
12h Xp5, Template:EC-ONWARD50
Level ?
Character Dialogue
C-barley Don't sweat it! Just pretend I'm not even here watching. I'll be quieter than if a Voice Amplification spell backfired on me!
C-barley HAH! Invisibility spell! Called it! Totally would have worked, too, if you'd gotten that triangle move right with the staff.
C-ian Yeah. Uh... I think I just need to practice on my own for a while. Invisibility won't really help if anyone knows I'm invisible.
C-barley Oh, right! Gotcha, little brother. Planning to sneak out after curfew, huh?
C-ian Actually, I just wanted to get out of going clothes shopping with Mom, but that's good too.


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