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|Send [[Scuttle]] to find clues.<br /><small>''"Find Clues"''</small>
|Send [[Scuttle]] to find clues.<br /><small>''"Find Clues"''</small>
|{{XP}}5, {{?}}50
|{{XP}}5, {{Trident Sand Shells}}50

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Character Dialogue
Scuttle Now, the first thing ya gotta keep in mind when you're huntin' for a sea witch is their predilectation for shiny objects.
Sebastian *sigh...* Just fly up into the sky and look for her, you nitwit.
Scuttle Hold on, hold on -- I ain't finished! Shiny objects like that shell she went and trapped Ariel's voice box in, y'see?
Scuttle So: Ergo and quid pro quo, all we gotta do is scare up all the shiniest objects we can find! One of them's GOTTA be a clue!

Beachcombing (2)

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Scuttle to find clues.
"Find Clues"
6h Experience5, Template:Trident Sand Shells50
Character Dialogue
Scuttle Welp! That didn't work. And I'm fresh out of ideas!
Sebastian Scuttle... You are an imbecile of the highest possible order.
Scuttle Awww... Thanks, pal! I didn't know you cared!
Scuttle That guy's got a funny way of pronouncin' "inspirational," I'll tell you that...


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