Character Dialogue
C-scuttle-tlm Now, the first thing ya gotta keep in mind when you're huntin' for a sea witch is their predilectation for shiny objects.
C-sebastian-tlm *sigh...* Just fly up into the sky and look for her, you nitwit.
C-scuttle-tlm Hold on, hold on -- I ain't finished! Shiny objects like that shell she went and trapped Ariel's voice box in, y'see?
C-scuttle-tlm So: Ergo and quid pro quo, all we gotta do is scare up all the shiniest objects we can find! One of them's GOTTA be a clue!

Beachcombing (2)

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Scuttle to find clues.
"Find Clues"
6h M-xp5, Template:EC-TLM50
Character Dialogue
C-scuttle-tlm Welp! That didn't work. And I'm fresh out of ideas!
C-sebastian-tlm Scuttle... You are an imbecile of the highest possible order.
C-scuttle-tlm Awww... Thanks, pal! I didn't know you cared!
C-scuttle-tlm That guy's got a funny way of pronouncin' "inspirational," I'll tell you that...


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