Character Dialogue
C-baloo-main Mowgli's still here, Shere Khan's still lookin' for him, and what do *I* go and do? Have a dance party!
C-baloo-main Bagheera's right... I gotta take this more serious. Why, if anything happened to that man-cub, I... I'd never forgive myself!
C-baloo-main I'll talk to him. Yeah. That's what I'll do. I'll take him for a float on the river, and talk to him, and get him to go home.
C-baloo-main Just hope the little guy listens to me...

Bear Your Feelings

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Baloo and Mowgli to have a chat on the river.
"Chat Along the River"
6h Xp25, M-magic200
Level 4
Character Dialogue
C-baloo-main ... So y'see, little britches, that's why you gotta get outta here while the gettin's good! Y'know, scram! Vamoose! Run away!
C-mowgli-main But I don't wanna run away, Baloo... I wanna be brave! Running away isn't gonna help anything...
C-baloo-main Kid, if you think that, you CLEARLY ain't met enough rhinoceroses to know better.
C-baloo-main ... Or annoyed enough of 'em, either. Those horns are POINTY!


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