Character Dialogue
C-jack skellington-nbc Oogie's back together again -- and he's spoiling for a fight! It's time we sent him back where he belongs!
C-sally-nbc We can do it, Jack... I'm sure of it! All we have to do is work together...

Beating the Boogie Man

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-oogie boogie-nbc Send characters to defeat Oogie Boogie in his Lair!
Various M-gem6, Xp10, Update-5-m-currency50

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-jack skellington-nbc
Level 6
Attack Oogie 2h Xp10, Update-5-m-currency55
Level 3
Trigger Bats! 2h Xp10, Update-5-m-currency55
Level 1
Scary Barks 2h Xp10, Update-5-m-currency55

Character Dialogue
C-oogie boogie-nbc What...? No... NO!!!
C-oogie boogie-nbc I'll GET you, Jack -- YOU, your RAG DOLL, and your MANGY LITTLE DOG!!! I'LL GET YOU...!
C-sally-nbc It's over... He's gone.
C-jack skellington-nbc Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say... Thank you for all your help, Sally -- I couldn't have done it without you!
C-sally-nbc Oh, Jack... I feel the same way! Just think... Now, everyone here can celebrate the happiest Halloween they've ever had!
C-jack skellington-nbc Celebrate... Oh my goodness -- I nearly forgot! Come on, Sally; we've still got LOTS of scares to get ready!
C-sally-nbc We'll see about that... Right after we see how TERRIBLE an idea it is to keep a fire pit in your lair!


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