Character Dialogue
Mike Wazowski Sulley, now that we're both here, this place needs us to put on a hilarious, yet tastefully sentimental stage show.
Sulley By "tastefully sentimental," do you mean mushy enough to make the audience borderline uncomfortable?
Mike Wazowski Of course! Well, what are you waiting for? Let's get to work!

Behind the Curtain

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Mike Wazowski
Level 2
Send Mike to prepare the Laugh Floor for the show.[1]
"Perform Stand-Up"
6h Experience15, Magic100
Level 2
Get Sulley to practice for the show.
"Practice for the Show"
Character Dialogue
Mike Wazowski Okay let me check my list... You set the stage...
Sulley You wrote the jokes...
Mike Wazowski Now all we gotta do is write some music!
Sulley Mikey, maybe we should save everybody a headache and cut the music.
Mike Wazowski Sulley's probably right. First rule of show business: Leave 'em wanting more!


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