Character Dialogue
C-syndrome Well, what do we have here... ? A publicly funded superhero training facility, modeled after MY island?
C-syndrome Oh-ho-ho... THIS is just too good to pass up! I know every inch of that island.
C-syndrome When I go through that course better than the Incredibles EVER could, the world will finally know who the true Super is!

Better Than the Best

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Syndrome to try and be a hero at the Obstacle Course. *
"Beat the Obstacle Course"
6s Update-2-m-currency25

* Requires Omnidroid Obstacle Course

Character Dialogue
C-syndrome Come on! Who puts high-level security at the entrance to a training facility?!
C-syndrome Looks like I need to work out some reliable aliases...
C-syndrome Or a more laser-resistant suit.


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