Beyond the Horizon is where the Act 5:Adventureland (Fantasyland Side) starts....

Beyond the Horizon is where the Pirates of the Caribbean Storyline (Act 5) begins....

Character Dialogue
C-merlin-main Well? What are you waiting for? The gate has opened, and a new land awaits you!
C-merlin-main A land that I'm sure will have FAR less curse darkening it, once you've worked your magic!

Beyond the Horizon

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-merlin-main Expand the Kingdom. 12h Xp30, M-magic250
Clear Curse?
Character Dialogue
C-maleficent Impossible! My Curse... waning before my very eyes!
C-maleficent Never matter... Let a thousand gates be flung open... I will be waiting behind every one! And I am IMPLACABLE.
C-maleficent Evil will always have its day... you'll see. You will ALL see.
C-merlin-main Ha-ha! We did it! And now we have new land to explore and wondrous things to learn.


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