Character Dialogue
Buzz Lightyear This is taking too long. With each passing moment, we get closer to another attack from Zurg.
Woody Then we have to do something! Fast! Now! Immediately!
Buzz Lightyear Okay, keep it together, Woody. Sarge and his men just figured out that Zurg is hiding at a high altitude.

Bird's-Eye View

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Buzz Lightyear
Level 5
Send Buzz to search the skies with Woody.
"Search from Above"
12h Experience15, Magic100
Level 4
Character Dialogue
Buzz Lightyear Greetings, Zurg. I told you, you can't run forever.
Zurg I do not run, Space Ranger. That would convey desperation, and I am never desperate.
Buzz Lightyear We'll see about that. In fact, I bet that soon you'll be so desperate you'll be crying for your teddy bear.
Zurg Teddy bear?! Hah! My comfort animal is a stuffed space dragon. But I digress... Now I shall prepare to unleash my machine!
Buzz Lightyear A stuffed space dragon? I think Hamm will find that very amusing.


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