Character Dialogue
C-mulan After what I did at the Tung Shao Pass, Shang STILL calls me in to demonstrate artillery tactics to his troops, sometimes...
C-mulan I'm sure part of it's an excuse for him to spend time with me, which is sweet... but I really enjoy doing it, too!
C-mulan The trick is to make sure you're sighting along the barrel, and to pay attention to the wind... Here: watch!

Bombs Away!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Mulan to practice her aim.
"Practice Aim"
4h Xp5, M-magic50
Character Dialogue
C-mulan Isn't that beautiful...? The Imperial firework-makers have really outdone themselves with these...
C-mulan ... Oh, that reminds me!
C-mulan The most IMPORTANT thing about artillery: If you're firing it during a festival, make SURE it's only loaded with fireworks!
C-mulan Ever since one of his men blew a hole in the Imperial Stables, Shang likes it if I say that first...


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