Character Dialogue
C-stitch Baby! Jaba ramid nye hassin!

(Baby! Long time no see!)

C-angel Haha...! Ohufi, boojiboo! Ashi salaam?

(Haha...! Hi, my love! How are you?)

C-stitch Bootifah! Meega hagata; yuuga hagata... BAM! Isa ziz-ziz!

(Cool! I'm here; you're here... BAM! It's electrifying!)

C-angel Awww... Injibay morcheeba!

(Awww... That's very nice!)


Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 6
Send Angel and Stitch to spend time together.
"Spend Time Together"
6h Xp5, M-magic50
Level 6
Character Dialogue
C-stitch Ah... Morcheeba!

(Ah... Very nice!)

C-angel Taka, boojiboo!

(Thanks, my love!)

C-stitch ... Yuuga know "That's All Right, Mama"?

(... You know "That's All Right, Mama"?)

C-angel Gaba? "That's All Right, Jumba"...?

(What? "That's All Right, Jumba"...?)

C-angel Soka, boojiboo -- naga smish!

(Sorry, my love -- I don't understand!)


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