Character Dialogue
C-nemo-fn Okay, Dory: new plan! I'm gonna try to wiggle in between those rocks and make a path for my dad to get out!
C-nemo-fn I just need you and everybody else to do whatever you can to help me get in there! All right?
C-dory-fn Oh my gosh... Nemo, your DAD is in there?!
C-dory-fn Oh... wait, wait, wait, never mind: That part IS coming back to me right now. Yeah! I'm all in!

Breaking In

Send up to 3 characters to Free Marlin! a total of 10 times!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 6
Finding an Opening 8h Xp23, Update-32-m-currency55
Level 3
Direct Others 4h Xp13, Update-32-m-currency30
Level 2
Remove Obstacles 4h Xp13, Update-32-m-currency30
Character Dialogue
C-marlin-fn What's happening out there? I can't see anything, and-- Wait... Nemo? Is that you, son?
C-nemo-fn It IS me, Dad! And I'm coming to save you -- no matter what!
C-nemo-fn It's like Dory says... When life gets hard, just keep swimming!


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