Character Dialogue
C-dory-fn Marlin! Hey -- Marlin! Are you in there? The yellow whale didn't squish you by accident, did she?
C-marlin-fn Dory! Is that-- WHAT yellow whale? Actually -- never mind, just... Those rocks, they're loose now -- so get me out of here!
C-dory-fn What?! Okay, I can't hear you at ALL, but you can say whatever it is after I move those loose rocks and get you out of there!
C-dory-fn Uh... I mean, me and Nemo and Crush and, uh... the other one! I wanna say Bert? Anyway, we're all gonna do that thing I just said!

Breaking Out

Send up to 3 characters to Try to Free Marlin! a total of 8 times!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 6
Stay Calm, Dude 6h Xp20, Update-32-m-currency45
Level 4
Look between Rocks 4h Xp13, Update-32-m-currency30
Level 2
Attack the Wall 4h Xp13, Update-32-m-currency30
Character Dialogue
C-nemo-fn Whew...! Thanks for getting those rocks loosened up, Dory... but this is still really tough!
C-dory-fn You said it, Taco! And by "it," I mean... you know, "restating what we were just doing," because it was just... Ffft. Gone.
C-nemo-fn You know what? That's actually okay! If we're gonna free my dad, I think we're gonna need to change how we do it.
C-dory-fn Ooh! I love changing plans! Mostly because I do it by accident a lot, so it's kind of in my wheelhouse...
C-dory-fn ... But as far as I know, doing it on purpose is good too!


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