Character Dialogue
C-tramp-main Let's see... There's gotta be someplace around here for a fella to rustle up some food...
C-tramp-main Jim Dear and Darling keep me pretty well fed, as far as humans go... but sometimes, a guy just needs a little variety.

Brunch Time!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Tramp to scope out his dining options.
"Scope Out Dining Options"
4h M-xp25, M-magic200
Character Dialogue
C-tramp-main Well, I'll be... Wonder what's in here. Smells good.
C-tramp-main Meat, onions... spices I've never smelled before. There sure isn't anything like this in our neighborhood.
C-tramp-main Aw, Pidge is gonna love it! "Pidge" -- that's my nickname for Lady -- is always up for new dining experiences.
C-tramp-main Wait... Pidge! Oh no, I KNEW I was forgetting something!


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