Character Dialogue
C-hiro-ttc All right, Baymax! Ready to fly up there and use Go Go's tech to pull the plug on that light show?
C-baymax-ttc Processing... Directed EMP device software installed. Enhanced atmospheric scanner software installed. All upgrades: Complete.
C-hiro-ttc Yeah, yeah, that's the OFFICIAL checklist. But you and I both know that we can't get this started without one last thing!

Bumping the Launch

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Baymax and Hiro to psych each other up.
"Psych Each Other Up"
2h T-refresh1, Update-20-m-currency600
Level 1
Character Dialogue
C-baymax-ttc Balalalala.
C-hiro-ttc THAT'S how you do it! Aw, man... I don't know whether or not pre-mission fist bumps are therapeutic, but it sure feels like it.
C-baymax-ttc Query received. I will monitor your endorphin levels post-"fist-bump," and compare them with your physiological baseline.
C-hiro-ttc What? Oh... You know, I was being rhetorical when I asked that, but why not? Maybe they really ARE good for you!
C-baymax-ttc Acknowledged. Please define "being rhetorical."


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