Okay. Oooookay. I see what this is. THIS is you playin' around when I'm BUSY. REAL hilarious.

Bunny is a character released with Toy Story 4 Update on 21st May 2019, and is a part of the Toy Story character collection.


Bunny is a carnival toy from the Disney/Pixar film, Toy Story 4.


Level Requirements Time Rewards
Welcome T-ip-toy story60 T-bunny-225 T-bunny-315 M-magic600,000 24h M-cross
Level 2 T-ip-toy story5 T-bunny-22 T-bunny-32 M-magic15,000 36s M-gem1, Xp5
Level 3 T-ip-toy story10 T-bunny-23 T-bunny-33 M-magic22,500 6m M-gem1, Xp6
Level 4 T-ip-toy story15 T-bunny-25 T-bunny-34 M-magic33,750 35m M-gem1, Xp7
Level 5 T-ip-toy story20 T-bunny-27 T-bunny-35 M-magic43,900 60m M-gem2, Xp8
Level 6 T-ip-toy story25 T-bunny-210 T-bunny-36 M-magic57,050 2h M-gem2, Xp9
Level 7 T-ip-toy story30 T-bunny-213 T-bunny-38 M-magic74,150 4h M-gem3, Xp10
Level 8 T-ip-toy story35 T-bunny-216 T-bunny-310 M-magic96,400 8h M-gem3, Xp11
Level 9 T-ip-toy story40 T-bunny-220 T-bunny-314 M-magic125,300 16h M-gem3, Xp12
Level 10 T-ip-toy story50 T-bunny-225 T-bunny-320 M-magic162,900 24h M-gem5, Xp13

Lvl Activity + Time Rewards Tokens
1 M-animation Gather Some Gossip 60m Xp7, M-magic40 T-ip-toy story
2 Chatting with Others
* Al's Toy Barn
2h Xp10, M-magic75 T-bo peep-3 T-forky-3
3 Provide Commentary
* Jessie's Snack Roundup
4h Xp13, M-magic110 T-zurg-3 T-nick wilde-3
5 M-animation Get Excited! M-c-ducky
Lvl 5
4h Xp17, M-magic150
3 M-animation Imitation Games M-c-ducky
Lvl 3
4h Xp17, M-magic150 T-ducky-2 T-bunny-3
5 Enjoy the Carnival
* Slinky Dog Dash
6h Xp16, M-magic155 T-jessie-2
4 Hooked In
* Star Adventurer
6h Xp16, M-magic155 T-bullseye-3 T-mowgli-3 T-percy-3
7 Come Up with Jokes
* Star Adventurer
Lvl 7
8h Xp25, M-magic270
8 Imagine Ideas
* Jessie's Snack Roundup
Lvl ?
12h Xp37, M-magic370
9 Talk about Space
* Star Adventurer
M-c-buzz lightyear
Lvl ?
24h Xp57, M-magic500
10 Wait for a Kid
* Star Adventurer
Lvl 10
24h Xp57, M-magic500 T-ian-2

Bunny Storyline


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