Character Dialogue
C-rabbit-wtp Helloooo...! Kanga? Roo? Piglet? Anybody...?
C-rabbit-wtp Oh... I guess none of them are around. Or if they are, they're not listening NEARLY well enough.
C-rabbit-wtp But if that's true, then... what am I going to do?! I've already thought of all the plans I can, and none of them will work!
C-rabbit-wtp If only I had somewhere REALLY peaceful to think of more... Ohh, it's SO hard to concentrate with all these bees buzzing around!

Burrow Sweet Burrow

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-kingdom-wtp Build Rabbit's House. * 2h Xp5, Update-18-m-currency50

* Requires Rabbit Level 3

Character Dialogue
C-rabbit-wtp W-why... that's IT! My house! That's certainly the most peaceful place I know -- when Pooh Bear's not around, anyway.
C-rabbit-wtp Any since Pooh Bear is stuck in the honey tree...why, he can't very well get stuck in my front door, now, can he?
C-rabbit-wtp However I get him unstuck, I should make sure not to do it at lunchtime... just in case.


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