The Busy Characters feature was introduced to the game with the Peter Pan Update on 24th January 2018.


Find the characters actively completing quests or performing activities with the new Busy Character Finder. To access it, just tap the icon located to the right of the Character Finder!

The Busy Character Finder Screen gives you an overview of all characters performing activities. It also allows you to locate busy characters, skip individual on-going activities, or skip all on-going activities at once!

Find Your Busy Characters Easily

  • In this screen, you can find all of your busy characters. Tap on their character portrait to be taken to their location in the Kingdom.

Skip Individual or All Activities

  • You can skip each activity individually by tapping their corresponding skip icon, or you can skip all activities by tapping on the Skip All icon.

Collect Your Rewards!

  • Return to the kingdom and collect your rewards by tapping the checkmarks above characters who have completed their activities.

Skip Confirmations Can Be Turned Off

  • The toggle feature found in the upper-left corner allows you to turn off the confirmation pop-up that appears when you tap the individual skip icons. This doesn't include the Skip All icon.


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