Character Dialogue
C-ralph I still might have no idea what's going on here... but hey, at least I packed lunch. So I've got that going for me.
C-ralph You can actually eat pretty well around Litwak's. There's pie, root beer, mushrooms, whole roast turkeys lying on the ground...
C-ralph And... uh... I guess ALL of Sugar Rush. Though Vanellope's coworkers get kinda mad when you try to eat their furniture.
C-ralph Anyway. This one isn't a power-up or anything, but it IS tasty.


Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send "Ralph.fxit" to "Task.Lunch."
2h Xp5, M-magic50[1]
  1. The rewards were Xp5, Update-25-m-currency50 during I'm Gonna Wreck It! Event 2018
Character Dialogue
C-ralph Mmm... Still fresh. I mean, it BETTER be -- I had a hard enough time getting it past Surge Protector in the first place.
C-ralph Heh... I still remember the time I managed to sneak a whole crate of sea-salt ice cream past that guy without him noticing.
C-ralph Don't know why that stuff's in such high demand, but it DOES make a quality root beer float.
C-ralph Vanellope and I ate real well that night... Good times.


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