Character Dialogue
C-yesss-wir Right -- if we REALLY wanna be quick about this, our best bet is opening up a back door to my site right here in this game.
C-yesss-wir It's like... I know we like Buzzztube, so I'm gonna put Buzzztube in this game so we can use Buzzztube while we game!
C-yesss-wir ... Was that too deep a cut? 'Cause I still think it holds up.


Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-kingdom-wir Build "" * 8h Xp5, Update-25-m-currency50

* Requires Yesss Level 2 & Cinderella (Comfy)

Character Dialogue
C-yesss-wir Ahh... Homepage, sweet homepage!
C-yesss-wir It's nice to be able to get there quickly again -- and not JUST to find out more about the virus, either.
C-yesss-wir My P.A. just messaged me, and it looks like we've got a HUGE backlog of "hamster eating strawberry" clips to sort through!
C-yesss-wir I don't care who you ask: That stuff is evergreen.


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