Character Dialogue
C-li shang-mulan ... Permission to speak freely? This festival is turning out to be a far bigger operation than I'd foreseen at the beginning.
C-li shang-mulan I've been thinking... and it would really be helpful if I had someone to go with. I MEAN delegate to. For operational reasons.
C-li shang-mulan I... ah... I do have one specific candidate in mind... And I'd like to formally request that they be called here.
C-li shang-mulan ... As a consultant. Officially, of course. Just have to... write them an official letter of request, first. Excuse me.

Calling Reinforcements

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-li shang-mulan
Level 3
Send Shang to the Training Camp to call for backup. *
"Send for Backup"
4h Xp5, Update-8-m-currency50

* Requires Training Camp

Character Dialogue
C-li shang-mulan Well... the request has been drafted, the courier has it in hand, and the rest of the paperwork should be in order, so...
C-li shang-mulan All we have to do now is wait.
C-li shang-mulan ... And consider whether the letter was worded convincingly enough.
C-li shang-mulan We... MAY want to requisition a new shipment of inksticks. I went through a number of drafts...


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