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Captain Barbossa is a character released with the Pirates of the Caribbean Part 2, Peter Pan Part 2 Update on 1st August 2018, and is a part of the Pirates of the Caribbean character collection.


Captain Hector Barbossa is a major character in the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise. He was the main antagonist of the first film The Curse of the Black Pearl, a cameo character in the second film Dead Man's Chest, a supporting character in the third film At World's End, the tertiary antagonist of the fourth film On Stranger Tides and the secondary antagonist/anti-hero of the fifth film Dead Men Tell No Tales.

He is a notorious pirate captain that spent the better half of his life as the arch-rival of Captain Jack Sparrow. From commanding the Black Pearl, to becoming the Pirate Lord of the Caspian Sea, Barbossa led a prosperous life, which eventually bookended in a heroic sacrifice to save his daughter, Carina Smyth.


Level Requirements Time Rewards
Welcome T-ip-pirates of the caribbean40 T-captain barbossa-235 T-captain barbossa-325 M-magic150,000 12h M-cross
Level 2 T-ip-pirates of the caribbean6 T-captain barbossa-22 T-captain barbossa-31 M-magic5,000 36s M-gem1, M-xp10
Level 3 T-ip-pirates of the caribbean8 T-captain barbossa-24 T-captain barbossa-32 M-magic7,500 6m M-gem1, M-xp12
Level 4 T-ip-pirates of the caribbean12 T-captain barbossa-26 T-captain barbossa-34 M-magic11,250 35m M-gem1, M-xp14
Level 5 T-ip-pirates of the caribbean16 T-captain barbossa-28 T-captain barbossa-36 M-magic14,650 60m M-gem2, M-xp17
Level 6 T-ip-pirates of the caribbean20 T-captain barbossa-212 T-captain barbossa-38 M-magic19,050 2h M-gem2, M-xp20
Level 7 T-ip-pirates of the caribbean25 T-captain barbossa-216 T-captain barbossa-312 M-magic24,750 4h M-gem3, M-xp23
Level 8 T-ip-pirates of the caribbean30 T-captain barbossa-222 T-captain barbossa-316 M-magic32,200 8h M-gem3, M-xp26
Level 9 T-ip-pirates of the caribbean40 T-captain barbossa-230 T-captain barbossa-320 M-magic41,850 16h M-gem3, M-xp29
Level 10 T-ip-pirates of the caribbean50 T-captain barbossa-240 T-captain barbossa-325 M-magic54,400 24h M-gem5, M-xp30

Lvl Activity + Time Rewards Tokens

M-animation Searching the Skyline

60m M-xp7, M-magic40 T-ip-pirates of the caribbean
2 Enjoying Treasures
* Tortuga Tavern


5 The Pirate Code
* Pirates of the Caribbean
M-c-jack sparrow
Lvl ?


3 Following the Map
* Pirates of the Caribbean


8 Making Plans
* Pirates of the Caribbean
M-c-tia dalma
Lvl 7
4h M-xp17, M-magic150 T-davy jones-2 T-davy jones-3
4 Parlay
* Pirates of the Caribbean
M-c-elizabeth swann
Lvl ?


6 Bargaining
* Tortuga Tavern
M-c-will turner
Lvl 7
6h M-xp20, M-magic210 T-tia dalma-3
7 Discussing Goals
* Tortuga Tavern
M-c-tia dalma
Lvl 6
8h M-xp25, M-magic270 T-timothy q mouse-2
9 Searching for Treasure
* Davy Jones's Organ


10 Duelling M-c-jack sparrow
Lvl 9




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