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Disney Magic Kingdoms Attractions


Extraordinary & Timeless Disney Park Attractions

Charming Attractions such as "it's a small world", the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor and Space Mountain from Disney Parks from around the world, including Disneyland, California Adventure, Walt Disney World, Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Paris!

Dazzling new attractions such as WALL-E's House and Cyclops Sushi - all uniquely inspired by their movies!


Edit Mode

Tap and Holding

  • Tap and holding on an Attraction in the Kingdom will bring you into Edit Mode.

Tap and Drag to Move an Attraction

  • While in Edit Mode, an Attraction can be moved by tapping and dragging it around the kingdom.
  • Customize your Kingdom to match your dreams!

Comfirm Purchase or Placement

  • When you’ve found an optimal location for the Attraction, tap the confirmation icon place it in the world!

Rotate Attraction

  • This icon rotates the Attraction, allowing you to customize your Kingdom with all kinds of fun layouts!

Store Attraction

  • Tapping this icon will store the attraction in the shop.
  • This useful to free up some space in the kingdom or to save the Attraction for another time.
  • Placing it again is free!

Cancel Purchase or Placement

  • Tap this icon to cancel the purchase or placement of an attraction.

Store All Buildings

The Store All Buildings feature was introduced to the game with the The Princess and the Frog Event Update on 12th February 2019.

It is unlocked after The Plan, Pt. 5 Quest.

Store All Buildings to Start Fresh!

  • You can now Store All buildings from either a single zone or your entire Kingdom. This will put them all into storage so you can change your Kingdom’s Layout!

Store Buildings of Certain Type!

  • You can choose to store all building, or store only your Attractions, Concessions or Decorations. Pick a different building category at the bottom of the screen to change your selection.

How Enchanting!

Gather Tokens to Enchant Attractions!

Enchanting Attractions Increases Their Rewards!

  • Higher enchantment tiers offer a boost to Magic produced, and allow Attractions to drops a bigger variety of Character Tokens.

Unlock Unique Benefits from Enchanted Attractions!

  • Certain enchantment tiers unlock special benefits, like the ability of an Attractions to drop two Character Tokens at one time!


Character Activity + Time Rewards
Main Street
C-kingdom Cinderella Castle
C-kingdom Costume Shop
C-kingdom Treasure Bank
C-kingdom Main Street Cinema
C-kingdom Merlin's Tower
C-kingdom Parade Tent 2h Various
Sword in the Stone
C-kingdom Sword in the Stone: Testing Strength 8h Xp16, M-magic145
Mickey and Friends
C-kingdom Mickey's Fun Wheel: Getting Dizzy 60m Xp2, M-magic30
C-kingdom Mickey's PhilharMagic: Performing Movements 4h Xp8, M-magic83
C-kingdom Mickey's House: Organizing Gloves 2h Xp4, M-magic51
C-kingdom Goofy's Playhouse: Sorting Wrenches 2h Xp4, M-magic51
C-kingdom Daisy's Diner: Baking Pies 6h Xp12, M-magic109
C-kingdom Minnie's House: Fluffing Pillows 4h Xp8, M-magic83
C-kingdom Donald's Boat: Charting a Course 6h Xp12, M-magic109
C-kingdom Pluto's House: Hiding Bones 60m Xp3, M-magic32
C-kingdom Chip 'n' Dale Treehouse: Gathering Acorns 6h Xp18, M-magic121
C-kingdom Steamboat Willie: Blowing Off Some Steam 4h Xp8, M-magic83
C-kingdom Fantasmic!: Dreaming Up Magical Spectacles 8h Xp16, M-magic129
C-kingdom The Money Bin: Diving into Riches 8h Xp16, M-magic129
Toy Story
C-kingdom Al's Toy Barn: Stocking Shelves 4h Xp8, M-magic83
C-kingdom Jessie's Snack Roundup: Wrangling Lunch 6h Xp12, M-magic109
C-kingdom Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters: Contacting Star Command 4h Xp8, M-magic83
C-kingdom Pizza Planet: Tossing Dough 4h Xp8, M-magic83
C-kingdom RC Racers: Performing the Perfect Curve 6h Xp18, M-magic121
C-kingdom Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop: Preparing to Jump 4h Xp12, M-magic92
C-kingdom Slinky Dog Dash: Assembling the Mega Coaster Kit 4h Xp12, M-magic92
C-kingdom Star Adventurer: Going for the Big Prizes 6h Xp12, M-magic109
C-kingdom Toy Story Mania: Aiming Carefully 6h Xp12, M-magic109
C-kingdom Prince Charming's Regal Carrousel: Grooming the Horses 6h Xp12, M-magic109
Peter Pan
C-kingdom Pixie Hollow: Finding Fairies 8h Xp16, M-magic129
C-kingdom Peter Pan's Flight: Looking for the Second Star to the Right 12h Xp24, M-magic162
C-kingdom Lost Boys' Hideout: Who's Shovin'? 24h Xp48, M-magic213
C-kingdom The Jolly Roger: Piping Up the Crew 8h Xp16, M-magic129
Pirates of the Caribbean
C-kingdom Tortuga Tavern: Preparing the Grog 8h Xp16, M-magic129
C-kingdom Pirates of the Caribbean: Setting Sail for Adventure 12h Xp24, M-magic162
C-kingdom The Kraken: Tossing Barrels 4h Xp12, M-magic92
C-kingdom Davy Jones's Organ: Playing a Haunting Melody 6h Xp12, M-magic109
C-kingdom Sea Serpent Swing: Swinging for Fun 6h Xp12, M-magic109
Monsters, Inc.
C-kingdom Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor: Filling Canisters 16h Xp32, M-magic235
C-kingdom Cyclops Sushi: Sharpening Knives 8h Xp16, M-magic140
C-kingdom Mike and Sulley to the Rescue: Rescuing Boo 6h Xp18, M-magic150
C-kingdom WALL-E's House: Collecting Objects 8h Xp24, M-magic175
C-kingdom Rapunzel's Tower: Letting Down Locks 6h Xp12, M-magic109
C-kingdom Snuggly Duckling: Pouring a Drink 6h Xp12, M-magic109
Sleeping Beauty
C-kingdom Fairy Hut: Tending to the Hearth 4h Xp4, M-magic65
C-kingdom Aurora's Spinning Wheel: Spinning Magic 60m Xp3, M-magic75
C-kingdom Zootopia P.D.: Filling Reports 6h Xp12, M-magic120
C-kingdom Little Rodentia: Baking Donuts 24h Xp48, M-magic330
C-kingdom Zootopia Race Track: Start Your Engines 4h Xp8, M-magic90
C-kingdom The Meadow: Going to a Very Wonderful Place! 8h Xp16, M-magic145
C-kingdom Forest Ice Rink: Having Fun on Stiff Water 6h Xp12, M-magic120
The Jungle Book
C-kingdom Jungle River Drift: Gathering Lily Pads 8h Xp16, M-magic145
C-kingdom Baloo's Oasis: Picking Prickly Pears 12h Xp24, M-magic200
C-kingdom Kaa's Jungle Gym: Adjusting Rope Swings 6h Xp12, M-magic120
Lady and the Tramp
C-kingdom Tony's Restaurant: Entertaining Guests 8h Xp16, M-magic129
C-kingdom Lady and Tramp's Home: Socializing with the Neighbors 6h Xp12, M-magic109
C-kingdom The Beaver Dam: Tending to the Animals 12h Xp24, M-magic162
C-kingdom Dumbo the Flying Elephant: Stepping Right Up... 8h Xp16, M-magic130
C-kingdom Grandmother Willow: Refining Wisdom 6h Xp12, M-magic109
The Incredibles
C-kingdom The Omnidroid City: Countdown to Trouble 4h Xp8, M-magic80
C-kingdom The Magic Carpets of Aladdin: Soaring Gracefully 12h Xp24, M-magic215
C-kingdom The Magic Lamp Theater: Charming Snakes 6h Xp12, M-magic140
Alice in Wonderland
C-kingdom Mad Tea Party: Steeping Tea 12h Xp36, M-magic240
Wreck-It Ralph
C-kingdom Princess Dressing Room: Having a Royal Rest 8h Xp16, M-magic129
Haunted Mansion
C-kingdom Haunted Mansion: Setting up warning signs 4h Xp9, M-magic99
C-kingdom The Haunted Mansion: Haunting the Walls 4h Xp9, M-magic99
Disney Parks
C-kingdom Astro Orbiters: Navigating the Galaxy 6h Xp12, M-magic109
C-kingdom Space Traders: Offering the Galaxy's Best 60m Xp2, M-magic30
C-kingdom Fantasy Faire: Pampering Visitors Royally 6h Xp12, M-magic109
C-kingdom Fantasy Faire: Pampering Visitors Royally 6h Xp12, M-magic109
C-kingdom Princess Fairytale Hall: Dusting Chandeliers 12h Xp24, M-magic162
C-kingdom Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress: Marveling at Technology 8h Xp16, M-magic165
C-kingdom Enchanted Tiki Room: Aligning the Torches 6h Xp18, M-magic140
C-kingdom Fantasia Gardens and Fairways: Enchanting Visitors 2h Xp6, M-magic90
C-kingdom Golden Zephyr: Prepping for Flight 24h Xp48, M-magic370
C-kingdom Hollywood Tower of Terror: Scaring Visitors 2h Xp4, M-magic55
C-kingdom Jet Packs: Preparing for Liftoff 8h Xp24, M-magic175
C-kingdom Jumpin' Jellyfish: Feeding the Fish 8h Xp16, M-magic185
C-kingdom Primeval Whirl: Traveling Back to the Mesozoic 4h Xp8, M-magic130
C-kingdom Reflections of China: Journeying through China 6h Xp12, M-magic105
C-kingdom Splash Mountain: A Wild Water Ride 8h Xp16, M-magic145
C-kingdom Western Arcade: Sweeping Away the Tumbleweeds 8h Xp16, M-magic130
Landmark Attractions
C-kingdom California Screamin': Loving the Loop
C-kingdom Space Mountain: Searching the Stars 12h Xp24, M-magic190
C-kingdom "it's a small world": Polishing Rowboats 16h Xp32, M-magic245
C-kingdom Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: Rolling Thunder 2h Xp4, M-magic65


Character Activity + Time Rewards
The Incredibles
C-kingdom Syndrome's Zero Point Energy Rings: Testing Zero Gravity 6h Xp12, M-magic105
C-kingdom Omnidroid Obstacle Course: Training Heroes 60m Xp2, M-magic30
C-kingdom The Incredibles House: Keeping a Low Profile 2h Xp4, M-magic55
Nightmare before Christmas
C-kingdom Jack's House: Thinking Up Spooky Thoughts 4h Xp8, M-magic80
C-kingdom Nightmare Candy Shop: Creating Haunting Treats 8h Xp16, M-magic130
C-kingdom Finkelstein Tower: Testing Halloween Experiments 6h Xp12, M-magic105
C-kingdom Broomstick Graveyard: Flying over the Moon 12h Xp24, M-magic180
C-kingdom Arendelle Courtyard Rink: Forming Ice 6h Xp12, M-magic105
C-kingdom Troll Knoll: Rolling Around 8h Xp16, M-magic130
C-kingdom Wandering Oaken's: Setting Up a Sale! 12h Xp24, M-magic180
C-kingdom Elsa's Ice Palace: Generating Snow 24h Xp48, M-magic300
C-kingdom Enchanted Forest: Gathering Leaves 12h Xp16, M-magic129
C-kingdom Stone Giant Waterfall: Preparing Ice Boats 12h Xp24, M-magic162
C-kingdom Water Spirit Wave Ride: Preparing for Waves 6h Xp18, M-magic121
C-kingdom Training Camp: Preparing Practice Dummies 60m Xp2, M-magic30
C-kingdom Ancestor's Shrine: Setting Up the Gong 8h Xp16, M-magic130
C-kingdom Lantern Attraction: Lighting the Lanterns 2h Xp6, M-magic90
Beauty and the Beast
C-kingdom Beast's Castle: Dusting the Bookshelves 6h Xp12, M-magic105
C-kingdom Belle's House: Preparing Inventions 8h Xp16, M-magic130
C-kingdom Gaston's Tavern: Washing the Tankards 12h Xp24, M-magic180
C-kingdom Be Our Guest Restaurant: Pressing the Napkins 4h Xp12, M-magic115
The Lion King
C-kingdom The Circle of Life: Protecting the Planet 4h Xp8, M-magic80
C-kingdom Festival of the Lion King: Pairing the Animals 2h Xp4, M-magic55
C-kingdom Tree of Life: Identifying Animals 6h Xp12, M-magic105
C-kingdom Streets of Agrabah: Selling the Finest Wares 6h Xp12, M-magic105
C-kingdom The Lotus Fountain: Prepping the Boats 8h Xp16, M-magic130
C-kingdom Genie's Lamp Show: Getting Ready for a Show 12h Xp24, M-magic180
C-kingdom Cave of Wonders: Inspiring Awe 4h Xp12, M-magic115
Alice in Wonderland
C-kingdom The Golden Afternoon: Harmonizing Under the Sun 4h Xp8, M-magic80
C-kingdom White Rabbit's House: Looking for Mary Ann 6h Xp12, M-magic105
C-kingdom The Tweedle's Wacky Fairway: Playing on a Curious Course 8h Xp16, M-magic130
C-kingdom Alice in Wonderland: Making what wouldn't be 4h Xp12, M-magic115
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
C-kingdom Seven Dwarfs' Cottage: swatsdeeping the Dust 8h Xp16, M-magic130
C-kingdom Magic Mirror on the Wall: Polishing the Mirror 4h Xp8, M-magic80
C-kingdom Snow White's Scary Adventures: Traversing through a Tale 6h Xp12, M-magic105
C-kingdom Seven Dwarfs Mine Train: Shining Some Jewels 8h Xp24, M-magic165
Winnie the Pooh
C-kingdom Rabbit's House: Managing the Household Properly 6h Xp12, M-magic105
C-kingdom Pooh's Hunny Hunt: Adventuring in a Literal Page-Turner 2h Xp4, M-magic55
C-kingdom The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: Keeping Memories Alive 8h Xp16, M-magic130
C-kingdom Eeyore's House: Making Things Boggy and Sad 4h Xp12, M-magic115
Lilo & Stitch
C-kingdom Lilo's House: Rebuilding and Renovating... Again 6h Xp12, M-magic105
C-kingdom Lahui Beach: Chasing Down All the Experiments 8h Xp16, M-magic130
C-kingdom 'Ohana: Preparing Breakfast for Best Friends 2h Xp4, M-magic55
C-kingdom Stitch's Great Escape: Cleaning Up the Spittle 4h Xp12, M-magic115
Big Hero 6
C-kingdom Lucky Cat Café: Preparing a Warm Meal 8h Xp16, M-magic130
C-kingdom Ito Ishioka Robotics Lab: Advancing Science and Technology 6h Xp12, M-magic105
C-kingdom Frederickson Grounds: Appreciating Fine Art 12h Xp24, M-magic180
C-kingdom San Fransokyo City: Being Dazzled by City Lights 4h Xp8, M-magic80
The Little Mermaid
C-kingdom Ariel's Grotto: Looking through Strange Treasures 4h Xp8, M-magic80
C-kingdom Atlantica: Holding Court Underwater 8h Xp16, M-magic130
C-kingdom Ursula's Lair: Brewing Up a Spell 2h Xp4, M-magic55
C-kingdom Under the Sea: Jamming with a Hot Crustacean Band 4h Xp12, M-magic115
Wreck-It Ralph
C-kingdom The Internet: Connecting... 4h Xp8, M-magic80
C-kingdom BuzzzTube: Browsing Cat Videos 4h Xp24, M-magic180
C-kingdom Slaughter Race: Dodging Sharks and Explosions 6h Xp12, M-magic105
C-kingdom Niceland: Throwing a Penthouse Party 4h Xp12, M-magic115
The Princess and the Frog
C-kingdom Dr. Facilier's Voodoo Emporium: Reading the Cards 6h Xp12, M-magic105
C-kingdom Goin' Down the Bayou: Floating All the Way Down 8h Xp16, M-magic130
C-kingdom Mama Odie's Tree: Stirring the Magic Gumbo 8h Xp16, M-magic130
C-kingdom Tiana's Palace: Warming Up the Jazz Band 4h Xp12, M-magic115
C-kingdom A Homecoming Celebration: Conveying a Tale 8h Xp16, M-magic130
C-kingdom Moana's Boat: Reading the Wind and the Sky 8h Xp16, M-magic130
C-kingdom Kakamora Boat: Getting Roped In 6h Xp12, M-magic105
C-kingdom Tamatoa's Lair: Grabbing Something Shiny 4h Xp12, M-magic115
Finding Nemo
C-kingdom The Seas with Nemo and Friends: Protecting the Coral 6h Xp12, M-magic109
C-kingdom Crush's Coaster: Riding the EAC 8h Xp16, M-magic129
C-kingdom Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage: Measuring the Depth 4h Xp8, M-magic83
C-kingdom Santa Cecilia Market Shop: Hanging up Items 8h Xp16, M-magic129
C-kingdom Land of the Dead: Preparing Festivities 6h Xp12, M-magic109
C-kingdom Rivera Familia Home: Making Shoes 8h Xp16, M-magic129
C-kingdom Musical Celebration: Doing a Sound Check 6h Xp18, M-magic121
Star Wars
C-kingdom Cantina: Cleaning Cups 8h Xp16, M-magic129
C-kingdom Treadspeeder Base: Gathering Communications 6h Xp12, M-magic109
C-kingdom Resistance Speeders: Adjusting Course 6h Xp16, M-magic129
C-kingdom Resistance X-wing: Fueling Up 6h Xp18, M-magic121
C-kingdom Guinevere: Making Modifications 8h Xp16, M-magic129
C-kingdom Lightfoot House: Maintaining the Kingdom 6h Xp12, M-magic109
C-kingdom Path of Ravens: Navigate the Path 8h Xp16, M-magic129
C-kingdom Manticore's Tavern: Wiping Down Booths 6h Xp18, M-magic121
C-kingdom Training Grounds: Setting Up Training Dummies 12h Xp24, M-magic162
C-kingdom Statue Garden: Sculpting Statues 8h Xp16, M-magic129
C-kingdom Zeus' Temple: Preparing Offerings 8h Xp16, M-magic129
Disney Parks
C-kingdom Animation Academy: Drawing a Classic Character 4h Xp8, M-magic90
C-kingdom The Barnstormer: Conducting Pre-flight Checks 4h Xp8, M-magic80



  • All Limited Time attractions can be found in Legendary chest of their respective events (exept for Animation Academy & The Barnstormer).
  • Attractions that are capable of enchantment can collect their tokens until the maximum number of tokens needed is collected where as attractions that are not capable of enchantment only collect tokens until the number needed for the next character level up is collected.


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